Welcome [Back] to My Kitchen!

I just want to say a ginormous Thank You! to everyone who takes the time to peruse my blog.  Whether you land here on accident or by choice, I hope you find something of interest and are inspired to try something new by adding herbs and spices to your cooking.

I am excited that I have reached over 2,500 page views from people in 13+ countries.  I am grateful  for Facebook, Pinterest, Blog Spot and other search engines for getting my posts out to so many people.  And, I am thankful to everyone who “pins” my recipes or shares them with others.  Changing Seasonings was recently accepted to a food blog registry, Foodblogs.com, so welcome to any new readers! I have tried to make reading the posts as easy as possible for everyone by including the translator and food term dictionary widgets.

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Lastly, please comment, comment, comment!! I want to know what works, what doesn’t, what ideas my recipes inspire for you, what questions you have.  There is a comment space at the bottom of each blog, and I have the settings so that you don’t have to be a registered Google or Blog Spot follower to comment…anyone can make comments!

Grown-up Mac N Cheese…Mmmm!

I have bunches of recipes ready to write about.  I just have to make the time to get them posted.  Coming soon are my quick and simple marinara sauce, a tasty grown-up version of mac n cheese, a savory oatmeal, and mashed potato and cauliflower potato cakes. I’ve made myself hungry typing this…

Thanks again! I’m looking forward to reading your comments!!