My Love Affair With Food


I love food! There I said it. I probably love food more than many other things in my life. And, it’s not just about eating it. In fact, I’m often happier cooking for others than for myself.


IMG_0838IMG_1679I love how foods look. I use words like colorful and striking when I describe food. Fruits and vegetables are beautiful to look at, and fresh farm eggs and seafood can be gorgeous too. Then there are my very favorite, herbs and spices. In plant form, herbs are as amazing as flowers to me. When they are dried into spice, they are transformed to vibrant colors and interesting textures.


I love how foods smell. I can determine what is cooking and even, sometimes, tIMG_0157he individual ingredients in a dish with my sense of smell. Like many people, the scents of different foods bring particular memories to my mind. One of my favorite smell memories is coming home when my mother was fixing dinner on taco night. Every time I brown ground beef and add taco seasoning, the memory comes rushing into my head and I smile. I prefer food scents for my candles, air fresheners and even my body lotion. Lemon and vanilla are currently my top picks.

IMG_0638I love how foods feel. They can be soft, hard, squishy, grainy, dry, wet, cold, and a million other textures. Maybe not a million, but lots and lots. If a dish can be mixed by hand, I am on it! When I wander through the Farmer’s Market or the produce section of the grocery store, I touch everything.bacon 1

I love the sound of foods cooking. Bacon sizzling. Grease popping when batter covered vegetables are dropped into it. Bubbling boiling water. Meat searing as it touches a hot grill.

Lastly, I do really love how food tastes. I love spicy foods, sweet foods, sour foods, and savory foods. I take time to savor each bite. There are very few foods that I have tried that I don’t like. Sure, there are some things that aren’t my first choice of foods to eat like lima beans, fishy tasting fish, and celery. There are also some foods I prefer mixIMG_3118ed into dishes, like peas and tomatoes, it’s a texture thing. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to travel the United States, even overseas and sample different cuisine. When growing up, my father was in the Air Force and my parents had friends from many different ethnic backgrounds so I was exposed to foods from all around the world. There are many, many things I haven’t tried, yet, but when given the chance, I will try anything at least once. In the case of caviar, once was all I needed and all I will ever need. Remind me not to become rich and famous because I refuse to eat caviar on a regular basis. But, other than those I have mentioned, I am struggling to think of other foods that I truly dislike.

I have shared in other posts that cooking is therapy to me, and it really is. If I have had a rough day, an evening in the kitchen can make everything better. When the everyday busyness of life is overwhelming, I can’t wait for the opportunity to be with my family for whatever holiday is next and IMG_6097cook, cook, cook. I love spending hours researching, writing recipes, grinding and blending seasoning blends. I love food so much that I started writing about it a few years ago, and my interest in herbs and spices evolved into a business. I wish I could inspire everyone to cook more and to use more herbs and spices in cooking. I am truly passionate about food and cooking.

So many people are striving to be healthier, me included. I think that cooking at home is one of the first important steps to living a healthier lifestyle. Not IMG_0830all of the recipes I write would be considered healthy, but they are home cooked which is always better than fast food. And I believe the premise of everything in moderation when it comes to food. By changing an ingredient or two, or baking something instead of frying it, a recipe can be made healthier. Herbs and spices can make such a difference in cooking. By just changing the seasoning and adding different vegetables, a chicken breast can easily be transformed into a Greek, Indian or Mexican dish.

My current love affair with food includes eating a lot more beautiful fruits and vegetables, fewer heavy carbs and added sugars (which is a challenge for this bread and candy loving gal!), having healthy lean proteins and plenty of water. Regardless of how food and I are interacting, one thing is for sure, it will always be one of my first loves and longest lasting relationship!!